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  • Sookie Stackhouse 22:05 on June 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    An invitation to all True Blood RPs. 

    Tomorrow night is our very first Drop of True Blood Thursday. And I hope all of you folks that RP as characters are going to join us.

    Why? Because we’d like to invite you to be in a future Drop. And we’re not talking about sitting in as background filler. We’re talkin’ about starrin’ in the Drop.  So if you’re playin’ a character that’s from the show, check out Drop of True Blood tomorrow night.

    Now when we say characters, we’re talking all characters. Even the main ones. So we’re calling all Erics, all Sookies, all Bills, all Terry’s, all Lorenas, the guy who buses the tables, Deputy Kenya Jones, we want you all!

    So here’s how it’s going to work:

    1. Join us for Drop of True Blood Thursday at 9pm / 8c. It’s probably best that you login at about 5 minutes before show time so you’re ready to go.
    2. Login using your Twitter or Facebook creds.
    3. Get into the show by hitting the reply button. Your reactions are a part of the story!
    4. If being a part of Drop of True Blood Thursday is something you’d like to do, come on back here and leave your Twitter @name in the comments. Please note that comments may not show up immediately.
    5. I’ll get back to you about participating in a Drop.

    Hope to see y’all there! For more info, you can read this post.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at sookieinbontemps@gmail.com.

    **The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans.  Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

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    True Blood on Twitter Thursday, Halloween-style. 


    Get ready for another True Blood on Twitter Thursday that’ll get you into the Halloween spirit!

    We’ve got an original story planned for you.  It’s a story of family, of shared histories.  One that’s sure to make you think a little differently about the good folks in Bon Temps that you know.  And as always, the storyline is planned, the tweets are not.

    So please join us:

    **The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans.  Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

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    LIVE: True Blood on Twitter Thursday. 


    It’s time for True Blood on Twitter Thursday.  We’re going to be performing an original storyline pulled straight from True Blood Season 2.

    Here are the details for tomorrow night:

    When: Thursday, October 8 at 9:00pm CDT

    Where: Twitter

    Who to follow:



    @Fangtasia Ginger


    Follow everyone with just one click:

    **The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans.  Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

    • delta 21:40 on October 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      is this really u talking or is it someone else

  • Sookie Stackhouse 11:46 on September 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    LIVE TONIGHT: True Blood on Twitter Thursday 


    All right folks. . .after a week long break, it’s time for True Blood on Twitter Thursday.  If you’ve missed what’s been going on in True Blood Twitterverse, you may want to read this and this.

    Here are the details for tomorrow night:

    When: Thursday, September 24 at 9:00pm CDT

    Where: Twitter

    Who to follow:








    Follow everyone with just one click:

    **The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans.  Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

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    Bon Temps Livin’. 

    I’m reposting this piece, mostly in response to some of the tweets that have been flying around the stream.  While I can respect one’s choice to be Team Eric or Team Bill, what’s truly disrespectful are hateful tweets between players, character and non-character.

    Without further ado, here are my thoughts on what’s required to maintain some peace in the Bon Temps twitterverse.

    This post is long overdue.

    I’ve always said that there are no hard and fast rules to playing in the Twitter Bon Temps/Sookieverse.  But I think it’s never a bad idea to remind everyone of a couple of things:

    1. Play fair and play nice.
    We’re all expected to play our parts well, but please remember that we’re all human behind our character profiles.  Even the vampires.  So let’s be respectful of one another.

    2. Engaging other characters. I like not always knowing when a storyline is being thrown at me.  That’s part of the excitement of the real time interaction I get from Twitter.  That said, not everyone feels the same way I do.  If you’re new in town and you want to start up a storyline with any one of the players, established or not, best thing to do is approach with caution.  Especially the vampires.  If you find that they’re not “playing along” you might send them a DM letting them know what you have in mind — see if they’re game.

    3. Being engaged by other characters. The idea here is to have fun.  If you’re being engaged by another character and you’re not certain of the game they’re trying to play, send a polite DM to the chraracter.  No need to be rude.  Just simply tell them that you’re not comfortable taking your character in the direction that they’re headed in. This is where I’m going to ask established players to help me out.

    4. No godmoding, please. Everyone has the right to ignore an action if they feel that the other player is trying to take too much control. For instance, if someone decides to tweet “*plunges a stake into @JessicaHamby*,” Jess has every right to ignore that tweet.  The staker has just overstepped and may have unintentionally caused a character death.  No one is “dead” on Twitter until they say they are, and/or deleted their own account.

    5. Pulling the Twittershade. There’s no denying that the books and TV series is sexy. So there’s no reason for there not to be any sexy sexy time on Twitter.  I’m not going to tell you what to do or how to do it, because I trust you’ll all err on the side of good taste.

    6. Starting a storyline. Given that we have a huge roster of characters to choose from, if you want to get a storyline started, I recommend that you contact the other players.  Vampires, you might want to do something at Fangtasia.  Or begin drumming up some kind of political conflict.  We now have several kings and queens here.  I’m sure you can think of something.  Weres, you might have a pack meeting of some sorts.  Humanfolk, I’m sure we can think of ways to amuse ourselves — DGD picnic, party at Merlotte’s, the current drama between Tara, Sam, Daphne, MaryAnn.

    7. Last, but not least, remember to have fun.

    I think this pretty much covers it.  If you think I’ve missed something, comment away!

    **Originally posted on Twitterfic on June 27, 2009.

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    If this is your first True Blood on Twitter Thursday… 


    Thanks for tuning in.

    Here are a couple of things you might want to know:

    1. We do it every Thursday night at 9pm CDT while True Blood Season 2 is on air.

    2. While we do have a scene picked, no one knows except for the people who will actually be in the scene.

    3. The follower list has the actual cast members for the night, as well as a bunch of decoys.

    4. Actual cast and storyline will be announced at the start of the show.

    5. While we have a scene picked, the whole thing is completely unscripted.

    For details and follower list, click here.  Also, @FranciscoIV has written this hand-dandy post that explains how to use Tweetdeck to follow the show!

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    *message delivery failure* 

    If you’ve been watching True Blood (and I’m sure you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be following me much less reading this post), you’ll know that our friendly neighborhood telepath is currently trapped in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun Church.  Keeping her company is Hugo Ayres, Isabel Beaumont’s lover and the reason why Sookie is imprisoned in the first place; Gabe, Sookie’s would-be rapist; and Godric, the Sheriff of Area 9 and Eric’s Maker.

    Now I’ve been tweeting against the show’s storyline, and one of the biggest challenges means following the chronology of the show.  In other words, I’m going to have to stretch what would theoretically take place over a few hours in TV-land across a whole week while we all wait with baited breath for a new episode this coming Sunday.

    So what does this mean?

    This means that technically @SookieBonTemps doesn’t know that @VampireBill is being held captive at the hotel by @LorenaTheMaker and would do his damnedest to save Sookie but can’t.  Sookie technically doesn’t know that @BarrytheBellboy heard Sookie’s mental message.  And finally, Sookie would have no way of knowing that @EricNorthman is on his way because, again, she doesn’t know that Barry got her message.

    Technically, I will be giving death looks to @Hugo_Ayres, I will be wanting to kick @Enforcer_Gabe in the nuts, and I’ll probably approach @VampireGodric with a mixture of fear and curiousity.

    Did I mention that this is going to have to last a whole week?  Thank God for your playlists.

    So Twitter friends, please forgive me if I tweet you back with a “*message delivery failure*.”  If you’ve received this tweet from me, it’s because you might have tweeted me something that technically my character isn’t supposed to know.

    I’m not blowing you off.  I’m just playing clueless.

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    Play is 50% of RP. Or did you forget? 

    Kindergarten Cop JPG MaxEvery couple of months or so, I feel like I have to write a post to remind everyone, players and non-players, to be nice to each other.  Today’s post is directed specifically to all of the character and original character players in the True Blood / Sookieverse on Twitter.

    I hate having to write this.  But there’s one thing I hate more: seeing the seedy, bloated underbelly of the DM/GChat/Skype/email world rise to the surface like floating turds.  I like to think I do a pretty good job keeping away from the bull — if there are issues between players, I hope that they can resolve it between themselves like mature adults.

    The problem exists when an unresolved personal issue between players start to affect other players.  And I’ve received some complaints that the behavior of a few is starting to poison the well for many.  My next comments are not directed at any specific individual(s), but if they touch a nerve, I hope you think I’m referring to you.

    I’ve said this once, and I’m going to say this again:

    1) Email/GChat/Skype/DM: They’re meant to be used collaboratively to flesh out storylines and hopefully, to build friendships off the tweetstream.  If you have another player’s contact information, consider it a privilege.

    While I can’t control the context or content of your personal conversations, I can’t condone one player harassing another off the stream.  If you have a personal issue with another player, grow a pair of balls or boobs and simply block the offender.  Or better yet, grow and even bigger pair of balls or boobs and fight it out in public.

    That way, we can all see what kind of person you really are.

    2) Personal conversations and storyline development:  Say you are using DM/GChat/Skype/email for the right reasons.  Awesome!  One thing to remember.  I think it’s fantastic that everyone is getting to know each other better, to the point that we can TRUST each other with little bits of our RL selves.  That said, those details are shared in confidence.  Most of us have chosen to keep our identities behind our Twitter handles private.  Kindly keep the info that we share between us.

    Same goes for storyline conversations.  We’re supposed to be working together to entertain ourselves, and our friends.

    3) Last but not least, I would hope that everyone who is a part of the True Blood/Sookieverse and original character world remembers that fifty percent of the concept of RP is “role.”  The other fifty, “play.”  This is supposed to be fun.

    Oh, and I lied.

    I will say one thing to the character players and the original characters that are currently embroiled in a battle of epic, kindergarten proportions: Cut the shit. I don’t put up with this kind of crap in real life. I’m not going to do it in RP.

    • EricNorthman 18:19 on July 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      No clue what this is about. I’m glad.

      • Madlyn 02:28 on July 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Sometimes it’s better when you don’t know. I know I am blissfully ignorant right now and would like to stay that way.

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    True Blood on Twitter Thursday. 


    Last week was the first installment of True Blood on Twitter Thursday.  The way it works is pretty simple.  I pick one scene from the episode that just aired, send a synopsis to the players that outlines the plot and that’s it.  No script.  It’s up to the players in the scene to spoof it.

    Just to give you a taste of exactly how this comes together here’s the synopsis that was sent to @KitchenBitch, @EricNorthman, and @RedneckRoyce so they could prepare last week’s sketch:

    Episode 1: Spin the Wheel (synopsis)

    Open on Lafayette and Royce (@RedneckRoyce) in the dungeon, chained to the wheel.  They’re making small talk, prison banter.  They know each other so it’s familiar.  But it’s humorous banter.  What are you in for?  Why are you here?  What’s going to happen?  What are you going to do when you get out of here, if they get out of here.

    As they talk, they’re turning the wheel in sequence.

    As I recall, they start and then they stop.  They start and then they stop.  Lafayette and Royce have NO IDEA why they’re turning that wheel.  And neither does anyone who watched last Sunday night.  All they know is that they have to turn the wheel.

    Maybe as Lafayette and Royce spin around the wheel, they try aiming and pissing into a piss bucket on the side.  Maybe it’s a game that they play.  At some point, they decide turning the wheel is hard work and they sit down against the wall and keep shooting the shit — magnetic ass, crushed cans, etc.

    Suddenly, the light comes flooding down.  It’s Eric, humming as he comes down the stairs.  And he’s pissed about something.  The foils need to come out and there is no hot water for his conditioning rinse.  He sees Lafayette and Royce and is  LIVID.  They’re turning the wheel is what keeps the water in Fangtasia nice and hot.

    Royce is nearest to Eric.  So Eric might question him.  Royce is being uncooperative.  Probably cracking jokes about Eric’s hair going gray, his hair dye whatever.  Either way, he pisses off Eric.  Same as in the epi, Eric picks him up, ready to bring him upstairs for whatever reason.

    Royce will pull something out of his pocket [still don’t know what it might be, probably some kind of hairstyling tool or something related to hair. . . don’t know what it is, but I’ll know by Thursday] that either messes up Eric’s hair or burns him.  Whatever he does needs to piss Eric off enough to send him into a rage. Either way, Royce won’t be offering any styling assistance to Eric or anyone else by the time this is over.

    Lafayette who’s been watching in the background at this point will be commenting on anything. . .Royce’s stupidity, Viking foils, etc.

    You can read the tweets from the live performance here on Twitterfic.  And I hope you’ll join us tonight where we’ll be spoofing a scene from last Sunday’s episode.  Details here.

    **The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans.  Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

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    Post finally written. Talk about long o… 

    Post finally written. Talk about long overdue! http://twitterfic.com/pg/blog/SookieBonTemps/read/2746/bon-temps-livin

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