An Easy Peasy Guide to Drop of True Blood Thursday.

I hope you’re joining us tomorrow night for True Blood Twitter presents: Drop of True Blood Thursday.  Since we’re doing things a little differently this year, here’s a guide that’ll make following the storyline easy peasy:

  1. Go to Click on the first drop (picture of Sookie) and you’ll be taken to the live timeline page, where the story will take place. Just so we’re all clear? The show will take place on the site, not on Twitter, as we did last year.
  2. On the right, login with your Twitter or Facebook credentials. That way you can comment and interact with the players during the show.
  3. The show starts promptly at 9pm / 8c, so if you don’t want to miss out on the fun, I’d recommend that you login about 10 minutes before.
  4. There is no follow list. We’ve taken care of all of that for you!
  5. Sit back, relax, laugh along. And hit the reply button!  We’ve taken the show off Twitter so that you can really be a part of the story, so JUMP IN!

True Blood Twitter presents: Drop of True Blood Thursday will run every Thursday at 9pm / 8c, followed by an encore showing of True Blood on HBO at 10pm / 9c. For more information on Drop of True Blood Thursday, have a read. And I hope to see you tomorrow night!