Tweeting from #UltimateTruebie?

If you’re planning on livetweeting from tonight’s True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience, here are some tips:

1) Unlock your tweets.  If you want to share the love and your experience tonight, make sure people can read what you’re tweeting.

2) Tag your tweets with the #UltimateTruebie hashtag.  Why? Well, for one, anyone who’s not at the event can keep up with the action tonight by tracking tweets tagged #UltimateTruebie.

3) Tag your tweets with the #UltimateTruebie hashtag. I’m repeating myself for a reason.  We want #UltimateTruebie to make it into the trending topics tonight.  You know that list on the Twitter front page?  That’s the trending topic list and we want to be there.  There’s no hard and fast rule as to number of tweets required to make it trend. BUT it’s safe to say that we’ll need thousands of tweets to make that happen.

NOTE: For tonight, only use the #UltimateTruebie hashtag.

4) If you can take pics and video with your mobile phone, DO IT. Twitpic, yfrog, Tweetphoto, and Twitvid allow you to share all the bad things you see going on around you instantly on Twitter.

5) Just because you’re not technically sitting in one of the 50 theaters, it doesn’t mean you can’t livetweet. Remember, you can watch the event LIVE from home via the True Blood page on Facebook.  Same rules above apply!

Happy tweeting!